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Personal Testimonials

Armand is a reliable financial advisor who is driven by his passion to help his clients grow their wealth. I had the pleasure of working with Armand to understand his business model and services. In our first meeting, I found Armand to be a diligent and sincere professional. It is clear to me that he treats all his clients with the utmost care to consistently deliver the highest caliber of financial services catered to their individual needs. For these reasons, I have no hesitation recommending my clients to Armand, as I trust they will be in good hands.
Jonathan K.
Armand has been a great asset for my families financial security. He is very thorough with understanding his client’s needs. He helped us set up our financial security for the immediate and long term. He respects his client’s decisions and never pushes any product that we were not comfortable with having.
Jonathan S.
Armand is a genuine, charismatic and consummate professional that I recommend to anyone looking to secure their financial future. He has helped my clients feel comfortable by providing a comprehensive approach to financial planning with his expert team. If you’re looking for the most stress-free way to plan for financial success, look no further! It’s always a pleasure doing business with Armand.
Marina V.
Armand helped me make some very confusing and complex decisions with my money. He went above and beyond to help me including timely phone and email communications of everything that happening. Armand was patient with explaining anything I did not understand or needed further clarification on. I would highly recommend his knowledge and expertise with your pension or any financial decision making. Keep up the good work!
Elizabeth B.
Its been a true pleasure meeting Armand. When I met Armand, what I thought was going to be a short meeting turned out to be a very interesting, informative discussion that was definitely worth the value of time. Armand is very knowledgeable about his services and was able to answer all my questions and more importantly, offer options. I really appreciate working with Armand as he treats all his clients as friends, and looks out for them on a personal level. I can confidently refer Armand to all my friends, family and clients.
Debbie L.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Armand on my financial strategy for my current situation. Armand has made the process very informative and straightforward. He took the time to educate me on the products and services that are available and ensured it was a good fit. He listened to my questions and provided answers. If he needed to dig deeper, he got back to me promptly. If I call or text Armand he responds immediately. If I ask him how my plan is doing…he knows the answer before I finish my sentence…”don’t worry I’ve got this…” I feel very comfortable working with Armand and his team and am looking forward to continue our prosperous relationship.
Sandra W.